Our Story, Our Passion, Our Purpose

Human rights have always been our focus and passion for advocacy and international messaging. As a Black and Mexican married gay couple, we understand the trauma and anxiety that have always, and unfortunately, been part of our community, especially within the LGBTQ+ family. The worldwide response to the widespread protests that occurred in 2020 has impacted us in a significant and profound way, fueling our purpose to infuse our distinct collection with every aspect of pride to continue to encourage you to stand tall in your truth.

Through the encouragement of self-recognition and resilience, we hope to ignite the pride in you to help you stand firm with tenacity and positivity in this highly challenging world. We are dedicated to empowering our patrons by offering a collection of attentively curated pieces that inspire boldness, self-expression, courage, and confidence. Pride Clothes was born out of necessity to help our family connect, unite, and support one another to defeat obstacles that stand in our way of living a life of freedom, happiness, joy, and peace. Our brand is here to celebrate you and all the challenges you have and will overcome along the way. We will also donate 10% of all proceeds to LGBTQ+ foundations.

The bold pieces we offer here at Pride Clothes embody everything that makes up who you truly are, your beauty, your magnificence, your confidence. Become a shining light, an aura of happiness, joy, positivity, and love for our community and family by showing off your fierceness and pride while wearing one of our strikingly unique made-to-order pieces today.

Our Vision

With our commitment to self-expression and maintaining high-quality fabric and service, we envision a world where Black, Latin, and LQBTQ communities are supported and embraced. For us, this brand is more than just clothing. It is a movement that promotes the wonders of being you, trusting change, and exuding that pride through passionate outlets such as apparel collections.

Our Mission

Every journey in life probes the question of who you are and what ignites the drive to pursue your passions. Our mission at Pride Clothes is to help others with understanding perspective and self-worth. The view of yourself and those around you allows for an opening of happiness. It is our mission to spread that message through our company. It’s endemic for Pride Clothes as a brand and you as a consumer to push for substantial change. Make a statement with styles that impress and a message that you can build on.